International contest in building and programming robots 2008 in Bansk√° Bystrici
Construction task

Task specification:

Contestants build and program a robot for the Base Runner (also used in the World Robot Olympiad). There are three 250 ml coke tin boxes and one gate formed by two cylinders placed on the field as shown in Figure 1. The task for the robot is to pass the gate, knock down the 3 cans from their platforms in the correct order and return back to the start/goal by passing the gate again (in the first run, or by travelling around the wall in the second run - there is no gate in the second run). The robot can use up to 2 minutes to complete each run, it will then be stopped immediatelly. The start/goal location is shown in the figure on the very right, the robot must start/finish completely behind the starting line, and it must fit into the rectangle of 40 x 37 cm.

Fig.1. Field diagram.

The robot will have two starts. However, in the second run, the marked locations (see the black circles in figure 1) will contain ping-pong balls as shown in figure 2. The robot can collect the balls and bring them to the goal.

The floor of the field will have a line on it, which may contain interruptions, and its exact location can be somewhat different from the one shown in the figure 1. The robots may use this line for navigation. The contestants may test their robots on the testing field during the whole time dedicated to building.

Fig.2. How the balls are placed on the filed

Score points:

In total, there are 10 + 6 * 5 + 6 * 10 + 2 * 10 = 120 points.