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  • R E S U L T S

    Linefollower / Stopár

    L3:      1. Robot Lenčo (Andrej Lenčucha) Bratislava
    L2:      1. #15 Robot Beleg II (Tomáš Dočekal) Ostrava czech
    L1:      1. #16 Robot Windrider (Jan Dedek, RTO) Ostrava czech
            #49  Cvrček 2 (Jozef Ondrejovic) Sklené arduino

    Micromouse / Myš v bludisku

         1. #37 Robot Steve 2M (Tomáš Dočekal) Ostrava czech
         2. #53 Robot Nite 3 (Lukáš Pariža) Trstená fei
         3. #37 Robot Morqa (Andrej Lenčucha) FIIT STU lego

    Ketchup house / Sklad kečupov

         1. #58 Robot Frankie (Dominik Fedor) Jaklovce lego
         2. #35 Robot VeterRobot (VeterRobot - team) Bratislava lego
         3. #22 Robot ARMtank (Martin Povišer) Robozor České Budějovice czech

    Freestyle / Voľná jazda

         1. #107 Robot DUODEPED (Bartlomiej Gola) Bielsko-Biala polska
         2. #105 Robot AnyWay (Patrik Štefka) Krejné
         3. #108 Robot Arbito (Mariusz Kozka) Bielsko-Biala polska

    Jury price / Cena poroty

          #103 Robot HAND 4.0 (Michal Lúčny) Banka lego

  • Visitors
    All kinds of visitors are welcomed. Entry FREE.

  • How to get there?

    See the Istrobot 2014 on a bigger map

    See also here for driving instructions...

    Closest public transport stations: Botanicka zahrada (southern of the school, trams and buses), ZOO (northeast of the school, bus only).

  • Food
    During the contest between 8:00 and 16:00 there will be a buffet open at the university. It offers cool foods and drinks. Also some drink automats are available. There are some drinks for registered contestants available too.

    After the contest all active participants are invited for a dinner in pizzeria.
    Order yours in advance...

  • Testing

    Testing is possible on Friday between 17:00pm to 21:00pm at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technologu STU, Bratislava, in the room CD-300.
    Maze, linefollower track and ketchup house will be available for testing. You can also watch your opponents, make clear the rules etc.

  •      P R O G R A M    26. 4.
    09:00  Registration.	
    09:30  Qualification Linefollower 
    10:00  Qualification Micromouse
    10:00  Freestyle exhibition
    11:00  Qualification Ketchup House
    12:00  Lunch. Break.	
    14:00  Opening ceremony.
    14:05  Category Linefollower - finals.
    14:30  Category Micromouse. 	
    15:00  Category Ketchup house.
    15:30  Category Freestyle.	
    16:00  Awarding ceremony.
    18:00  Dinner in a pizzeria for participants.

  • The Jury
    • prof. Ing. Peter Hubinský, PhD (URPI FEI STU) - head of jury
    • RNDr. Andrej Lúčny, PhD. (Robotika.SK a MicroStep-MIS) - Linefollower
    • Ing. Juraj Slačka (URPI FEI STU) - Micromouse
    • Ing. Martin Dekan (URPI FEI STU) - Ketchup house
    • Ing. Lukáš Palkovic (URPI FEI STU) - Freestyle

  • Accomodation
    We don't provide any accomodation not the reservation for participants. We can recommend following accomodation for reasonable price. It has got sufficient capacity and it can be easily reached from the contest place also by public transport (bus No. 32).

  • Curtain measurement
    Measurement with both ultrasonic and infrared sensors showed no significant difference between the curtain and solid wall (sensors used -- Parallax PING ))) and Sharp GP 2Y0A21):

  • Curtain
    The new obstacle: Curtain! Added dimensions of the curtain and a video, where you can see, how it looks like:

  • 26. 4. Istrobot  2014
    15th annual international robotic contest Istrobot will be again at the Slovak Univerity of Technology in Bratislava on April 26th.
    Registration is open!

  • Linefollower
    This year we change the linefollower contest. First important change is that robot has to return home from the end of the track. Second important change is an introduction of the three-level difficulty system: based on the place where the robot will decide to return home, the robot will be awarded in one of the three levels. We also introduce new obstacles and the track will change slightly between runs. What we want to see are really autonomous robots and not precisely tuned mechanisms for the specific track.

  • Ketchup house
    In the category Ketchup House you will encounter more cans. Robots can fight for 5 cans which will be completed during the match to the total number of 12.




    The task is to construct an autonomous robot that will complete the racing track and negotiate all its pitfalls. It contains several obstacles - for example a bridge, tunnel to pass through and a brick to be avoided.



    The task is to construct a robot that can autonomously solve a maze and achieve the goal in the shortest time. When the robot tracks the right hand wall it will solve the maze, but not in the shortest possible time.


    Ketchup house

    In this category the task is to localize and sort ketchup cans in the storage. Two robots compete, winner is faster and more precise robot.

    Volna jazda


    In this category, competitors are encouraged to demonstrate their robotics creations which do not fit into other categories. The winner is appointed according to the jury judgment.

    Common rules

    And for each category also the common rules apply. They deals mainly with the safety issues and materials.


    Application deadline is April 1st, 2014.
    Fill an application...

    Media and advertisment

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