Autor(i): Robert Wieczorek

Základné údaje

Procesor: Fusion360, Arduino
Veľkosť pamäte: 64 KB Flash, 20 KB SRAM
Frekvencia: 72MHz
Senzory: Position sensors
Pohon: 12V 775 motor, servo MG996R
Napájanie: Lipo 2s 3Ah
Programovací jazyk: C
Zaujímavosti: It is open-source project under GNU General Public License v3.0 license.
Domáca stránka robota: http://https://github.com/HVisMyLife/ExoHand


As part of Istrobot 2021 in the freestyle category, it was decided to design and make a prototype of an exoskeleton that would help people with disabilities in their normal functioning. It was assumed that the designed device will support the rehabilitation of patients after elbow and hand injuri