The task

The task is to build the most interesting robot.

Dimensions and size

Minimal and maximum dimensions are not limited. Mass of the robot is not limited.

The competition and the order of the competitors

In the first part of the contest the author is asked to present the robot at the assigned place during the allocated time span and to be ready to answer the visitors (and jury) questions. At this place also the A2 poster will be presented.

The jury will choose the robots, which can participate on the second, final part of the contest. There can the author present all the functions of the robot before the audience during the 5 minutes.


Poster used to be of the A2 format (according the ISO 216, i.e. 420 × 594 mm). It is not neccessary to be in the printed form, may be also hand-made, painted etc. The contents and form is not specified, but it should contain the basic information about the robot and its author. The aim is, that also an accidental visitor can catch the idea of the function and purpose of the construction. Images are preferred before the long texts.

Evaluation and prices

Winner will be choosed by the jury based on their own evaluation obtained from the robot presentation and poster information.

And, of course, all the common rules apply.

Appendix 1: Evaluation criteria

	A. Electronics (complexity, design, inventiveness, own ideas)
           0 - inappropriate
           1 - just right
           2 - suitable commercial product
           3 - own creation

	B. Mechanics (complexity, design, workmanshift, own ideas)
           0 - unsuitable
           1 - from a kit
           2 - from a kit + own additions
           3 - own creation
	C. Software(function, complexity, implementation)
           0 - does not work
           1 - demo, made by someone else
           2 - partially own creation
           3 - own creation 
	D. The idea is
           0 - copied
           1 - average
           2 - interesting
           3 - unusual
	E. Functionality - the robot as a whole:
           0 - not working
           1 - sometimes working
           2 - operating with small glitches
           3 - flawless operation
        F. Poster
           0 - not available
           1 - just not to be told 
           2 - well documents the function of the robot and complements it with a description
           3 - added value (there is something extra)