Robotic group


The robotic group is a joint project of the Department of Automation & Control FEI STU in Bratislava and company Microstep-MIS sr.o. The group is involved in development of mobile robotic systems and related components such as sensors and visual systems. Besides, the general problems concerning motion control, man-machine interface, information processing are in the center of our interest.


Department of automation & control has been paying an increased attention to mobile robotics since the middle of the nineties. During this period, some partial problems concerning development of mobile robots were solved by students in their projects and diploma thesis. According to results obtained in research, interest of students, the need of continual sharing of gained information as well as perspectivity of this field, the robotic group was established in co-operation with Microstep-MIS.


The members of robotic group are students, PhD. students and researchers coming from company Microstep-MIS and the Department of Automation i & Control. Microstep-MIS provides the group with all necessary equipment and components and supports it financially as well. At the moment the following projects are running:

  • Development of educational mobile robotic TURTLE working with LOGO programming language. This robot supports learning of the basis of programming bringing a real representation of the virtual turtle that can be programmed by children and students and thus making the whole learning process more enjoyable.
  • Development of mobile inspection system to perform remote inspection and simple manipulation tasks in hazardous environments.
  • Development of sensors for collision avoidance with the obstacles - IR, ultrasonic.
  • Development of reliable wireless communication between mobile robot and operator.
  • Control system architecture design.
  • Problems encountered with robot navigation in unknown environment.
  • Development of hobby robots and robots for robotic competitions.

Robotic group is open for new members. In case of your interest don't hesitate to contact us. All robotics enthusiasts are welcome.

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