Welcome to Virtual Robotics Laboratory

This project is supported by grant KEGA 3 / 2399 / 04


    You can connect to the robots from Imagine Logo with ActiveX support after you download and register the ActiveX control: robot.ocx.

Then you can connect as follows (unless you are behind firewall):

new "oleobject [comname robot name r]
r'user "your-user-name "your-password    ;use whatever/turtle or from your registration
;optionally change port number
pr r'connect "
; this should display 1 - if connect successful, or 0 - if unsuccessful
r'exclusive "on
; now control the robot, see ReadMe.txt, e.g. r'lt 60*8
eraseobject "r

If you prefer to control the robots from other languages (C++, Delphi), you can use the following DLL (it has the same set of commands as the OCX): robotdll.dll. Here is an example application that turns the robot left by 60 degrees: demo3.exe (demo3.cpp). Do you prefer Java? Please be careful when moving the robots: especially try to avoid crashing them towards one another or towards the walls of the arena. Where is all that source code? In the cvs.

Enter virtual robotics laboratory here  (Lab time: Thursday 2024-07-18 10:42 CEST)

You may register for an exlusive access, if you like (view list of pending registrations).
If you registered for using the lab today, please enter here.
Videos: small general demo (8.25 min, 25MB, WMV format); evolved docking FSA (2 min, 2.3 MB, WMV format)
Todo: list of current and future projects
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