19th annual international robotic contest
Slovak University of Technology (STU) in Bratislava


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Your opinion is important to us!

Please, let us know whether you enjoyed the event, what was interesting to you, but also how to improve it for the next year. Please, fill the short questionarre, or simply send us an email to balogh@elf.stuba.sk


.: Linefollower :.

  1. Robot RoMiLi [FH-Wels] (Robert Amerstorfer, Lisa-Maria Möseneder, Michael Anschober) Wels
  2. Robot BadMobil [FH-Wels] (Julius Salamon, Christoph Paster, Michael Burgstaller) Wels
  3. Robot Kevin [FH-Wels] (Thomas Wögenstein, Marlene Planck, Gabriel Himmelbauer) Wels

.: Micromouse :.

  1. Robot Evi (Jonas Wühr) Deggendorf
  2. Robot Peťo 1.1 (Samuel Kacej) Trencin
  3. Robot Blúdna myš (Max Maliar) Žilina

.: Ketchup House :.

  1. Robot Bimbo (Peter Straka, Peter Straka ml, Martin Straka) Bratislava
  2. Robot 7E3 (Amavet klub 808, Martin Hošek, Lukáš Hošek, Ondrej Škorňák) Partizánske
  3. Robot Bulbot Vol.2 (Roman Bujna) Topoľčany

.: There and Back Again :.

  1. Robot Androver 2.2 (RoboTech Vision, Martin Smoľák, Peter Pásztó, Patrik Štefka, Jakub Lenner, Matej Poliaček) Častá
  2. Robot Istbot (Pavol Boško, Radoslav Kováč, Tomáš Kováč, Peter Boško) Nitra
  3. Robot LNX Fearo (Kováč Tomáš) Bratislava

.: Robot sprint :.

  1. Robot Robluda 1 (Jiří Klikar) Chýně
  2. Robot Robosaurus 1 (Jiří Klikar) Chýně
  3. Robot Slimák (Ján Gaňa) Žilina

.: Freestyle :.

  1. Robot Cing (Stanislav Jochman) Košice
  2. Robot SBB (Smart Black Box) (Rastislav Mozola, Peter Borták) Partizánske
  3. Robot sPrinter (sPrinter tím) Závod

Important information

Due to the technical reasons the competition center will move to the standard lecture room CD-300, entry to the building from the entrance A.

Information for visitors

The contest is open for general visitors, entry free, no registration required.

Testing 26. 4. 2019

On Friday, april 26th, it is possible to test your robot from 18:00 to cca 20:00 (depends on interest) in the gymnasium lecture room CD-300 of the Faculty of electrical engineering and information technology STU (Bratislava, Mlynská dolina).
The maze, linefollower track, robot sprint and ketchup house playground will be available.

Program 27. 4. 2019

During the day it will be possible to visit National robotic center.

9:00 - 9:45 Registration
9:30 Qualification and first runs of Linefollower
10:00 Qualification Micromouse
Freestyle exhibition
10:30 There and Back Again
11:00 Qualification Ketchup House
12:00 Qualification Robot Sprint
13:00 Lunch Break
14:00 Opening ceremony
14:05 Linefollower final
14:30 Micromouse final
15:00 Ketchup house final
15:30 Robot Sprint final
16:00 There and Back Again ceremony
16:05 Freestyle - best robots
16:30 Awarding ceremony


  • How to get there?

    Here is a description...

    Closest public transport stops: Botanická záhrada (south from the uni, trams and buses), ZOO (northeast from the uni, buses).

  • Accomodation
    Organizer don't provide any reservations or accomodation service. We can recommend really cheap dormitories SZÚ at Kramáre (name of the city district), with sufficient capacity especially during the weeks. Not the best quality, but very low price and good connection (Bus nr. 32) with the contest place.

Here and Back Again

Here you are the GPS coordinates for new, outdoor category Here and Back Again:

  • Start/finish: N48 09 11.13704 E17 04 20.57508
  • Turning point: N48 09 15.00798 E17 04 20.6160

April 27th, 2019 Istrobot

Announcing the 19th annual international robotic contest Istrobot!

  • When?   Saturday, April 27th, 2019. Registration deadline April 15th, 2019
  • Where?   Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology STU in Bratislava, Ilkovičova 3, GPS: 48.153597, 17.072588
  • How much?   Free for both visitors and competitors
  • Who?   No age limit - from kids up to retired
News overview
  • Completely new outdoor category Tam a zasa späť (There and Back Again)
  • Stricter check of the Robot Sprint - this year are allowed just the robots with at least two degrees of freedom on each leg.
  • More special prices for Micromouse category
  • Flying challenge was canceled completely.

Preliminary program

Morning we start with qualifications for each category and robot exhibition for the Freestyle category. Event is open for public whole day, but we recommend to visit mainly afternoons finals.
During the day it would be possible to visit National center of Robotics and to see examples of 3D printing and our partners exhibitions.

9:00 - 9:45 Registration
10:00 Qualification
14:00 Opening ceremony
14:00 - 16:00 Finals
16:30 Awarding ceremony

Categories and rules

Robots will compete in following categories:



The task is to construct an autonomous robot that will complete the racing track and negotiate all its pitfalls. It contains several obstacles - for example a bridge, tunnel to pass through and a brick to be avoided..



The task is to construct a robot that can autonomously solve a maze and achieve the goal in the shortest time. When the robot tracks the right hand wall it will solve the maze, but not in the shortest possible time.


Ketchup house

In this category the task is to localize and sort ketchup cans in the storage. Two robots compete, winner is faster and more precise robot.



In this category, competitors are encouraged to demonstrate their robotics creations which do not fit into other categories. The winner is appointed according to the jury judgment.


Robot sprint

In this discipline, the robot has to run as fast as possible. This category is limited just for robots with at least 2 degrees of freedom on each leg.


There and Back Again

New outdoor category, where the task of the robot is to travel here and back agian as fast as possible.


Common rules

For each category also the common rules apply. They deals mainly with the safety issues and materials.

Personal data protection (GDPR)

By registering and completing an application for the Istrobot contest, the participants agree to publish their personal data in the form of an application form, start list and results on the contest websites (istrobot.sk and robotika.sk). Winners' names can also appear in press releases and media, as well as on social networks (facebook, instagram, YouTube).

Photography and Video: Our events are public. We process your personal data including photos and videos relating to the participanting person or his personal expressions in connection with participation in the event for the purpose of obtaining them (making them) and using them by publishing them on the websites robotika.sk and istrobot.sk, on social networks, press releases, and co-organizers, and to promote organizers and robotics. Please note that during the event such records will be made and that you are consenting to this processing of personal data by participating. In case of disagreement, you have the option of opposing the making of a person's image / video-audio recording with the photographer / cameraman.