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  • 29. - 30. 3. 2014
    Organizers of the biggest international robotics contest in Europe invited you on the 11th RobotChallenge competition!  

    Registration is open! Until 26. 1. 2014 lower payments!
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  • 26. 4. 2014
    Oldest robotic competition in the area of Central Europe. Traditional categories Linefollower, Micromouse and Freestyle. Alse see an unique Ketchup House competition. Only at the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava.
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  • 26. -27. 4. 2014
    Open tournament in Robotic Dance, Robotic Football and Rescue. Also teams from other countries are welcomed and can participate on competition at the Fachhochschule Technikum Wien. Registration is open, deadline is 15. 3.
    Also see a promotional video at YouTube.
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  • 12. 4. 2014
    Polish city Rybnik will guest another Robotic Tournament competition. You can register to the classical disciplines LineFollower, Micromouse, Freestyle, LEGO Linefollower and few Sumo categories (LEGO Sumo, Classic Sumo and Minisumo).
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  • 20. 4. 2013
    13th annual international robotic contest with classics disciplines Linefollower, Micromouse and Freestyle will be organized at the Slovak University of Technology (STU) in Bratislava.
    Registrations are free of charge, till April 1st, April 7th, 2013!
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  • 23. - 27. 9. 2013
    [ EURATHLON 2013 New robotic contest robotic experiment supported by EU inspired by disaster in Fukushima. You will see a competition that requires autonomous flying, land and underwater robots acting together to survey the disaster, collect environmental data, and identify critical hazards.
    In 2013 the competition will focus on land based vehicles. While in 2014 the competition addresses sea based vehicles, in 2015 it will be held as a joined land, sea and air event.
    Application deadline has been extended to 12 April 2013.
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  • 15. 3. 2013
    ESA education team have set a robotics challenge to school students aged 11-19. We invite school classes, after-school programmes and robotics groups to participate in this competition which will involve multiple interactions with ESA robtics experts in the form of live video conferencing and video/document submissions.

    The competition combines do-it-yourself and gaming skills in a robotic race to unload, carry and store cargo. Application deadline is March, 15th!
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  • 23. - 24. 3. 2013
    International robotic contest RobotChallenge in Vienna. The same categories as previous year plus new category Lego Linefollower. Two-day event, this year 10 anniversary!
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    HOT: Deadline 28. 2. 2013 !!!

  • 27. 4. 2013
    At the Univerzity of Rzeszówe (PL) there will be another robotic contest -- RoboMotion. Organizers prepared 11 categories, including Linefollower, MiniSumo and MicroMouse. Also planned is a workshop about programming Kawasaki robots.
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  • 26. 10. 2012
    You are invited to a presentation of the prof. Dr. Dong Hwa Kim (South Korea), which will take place October 26th at 13:00 in the room BC-300 at the FEI STU in Bratislave. Topic of the lecture is Enhancing Emotions: Fuzziness Mood and Physiological Effects for Emotional Robot.
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  • 17. 11. 2012
    SumoChallenge.eu Let's go to Poland for robotic sumo contest (Sumo, MiniSumo). Organizers from Łódź offer also additional categories:
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  • 27. 3. 2012
    [ Atmel ] Atmel announces 2012 Atmel University Robotics competition for university students. The top student teams will be flown to San Jose, CA - USA, and they will be able to present their work in front of silicon valley giants at our Developer conference in September.

  • 27. 2. 2012
    [ Smart Car ] University contest of the Freescale Cup was at the Slovak University of technology in Bratislava. Challenge accepted 7 teams with the cars controlled by the thoroughbred 32-bit processors Quorriva with a PowerPC architecture. The teams task was to program the car to drive the unknown track fully autonomusly, based on information from the on-board camera.
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  • 10. - 11. 3. 2012
    One of the largest European robotics events - Robotchallenge Wien. Contest categories remains the same as previous year, one new additional: Air Race for flying robots. Two day event.
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  • 22. - 23. 3. 2012
    A traditional contest in building and programming robots for elementary and secondary schools in categories soccer A, soccer B, rescue A, rescue B, dance, and construction will take place in Sabinov on Thursday and Friday, March 22,23 2012. More information on the website of the organizer - Slovak Society of Electronics, www.skse.sk.
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  • 21. 4. 2012
    12th annual international robotic contest with classics disciplines Linefollower, Micromouse and Freestyle will be organized at the Slovak University of Technology (STU) in Bratislava.
    Two new categories: Ketchup stocks and Freescale Race Challenge.
    Registrations are free of charge, till April 1st, 2012!
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  • 2. 6. 2012
    All robotics and visitors are invited to 3rd RoboOrienteering contest June 2nd, 2012 on the Svinaře Castle (Czech Republic - see map). It is a contest of autonomous mobile outdoor robots which has to autonomously drive the track given by the final and control points. The team will receive the GPS coordinates of the points only few moments before the start. Precision and distance from the final point and driving over all control points is evaluated. Organised by the VOS Rychnov n. Kněžnou (see video).
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